How To A Have A Thriving Coaching Business Working Less & Making More Income in 90 days or Less.

I want you for a moment imagine what it would feel like to have a business that allowed you to work whenever, wherever you wanted, to create meaningful impact in the world, and to be financially supported without losing your sanity and self- care.

Imagine, that your week looked something like this: On Mondays, you focus on creating marketing messages and materials for your business, Tuesday you host client calls being done with all your work by 2pm, Wednesday you speak with women about working with you in your transformational one on one program, Thursday you host clients calls being done by 2pm and Friday you are off to enjoy your family, friends and life!

You only work about 10 hours a week, attracting dream clients who invest with you at premium levels for you to show up and support them at your highest level to give them transformational value and life changing results.

You are in control.

You don’t have to worry your husband or partner on who is going to pay the bills.

You don’t have to constantly justify working on your business without profits.

You don’t have to steal time from your family, and if you have kids, you don’t have to stress about not being their for them in their most important moments.

You don’t have to work a 9 to 5 if you don’t want to and you feel empowered knowing you have the foundation and skills to sustain your business for a lifetime.

You have a legion of adoring fans and followers who become dream clients inspiring you to keep going and excited to join you on the journey.

How would that feel knowing that you have cracked the code on how to have a thriving coaching business working less and making more? Feels good right? I want you to ask yourself, if this were your reality today, what would that allow you to do or have that right now feels like a reach for you?

Travel more? Spend more time reading? Spend more time creating? Spend time perfecting your crafts and hobbies? Or maybe giving you the finances, resources and the space to scale your business at a faster pace? Whatever it is I am sure that it is worth you figuring out how to have it now. Besides we only have 1 life and we shouldn’t spend the whole time trying to figure out how to really live it.

I work about 10 hours a week and consistently have 5 figure months leveraging the information I am going to share with you today.

Now, here is the part where I tell you it wasn’t always like this and to keep this short and to the point, 3 years ago, I quit my job, cold turkey, no savings, no nothing to see if it was really possible to have a Rich Girl Business. I desired to make fabulous income while having an impact on the world for good. The first 6 months I struggled, was barely making any money and was going into foreclosure.

But like maybe you, I had been doing the work, I had been growing my audience, creating content but what was stopping me from fast success was that I hadn’t invested in a coach to show me step by step how to set up a profitable coaching business.

I had downloaded a lot freebies and made some small investments here and there but I had never actually worked 1:1 with someone who was doing what I wanted to do they way I wanted to do it. Until the day, by divine connection, a coach who would change my life forever, reached out to me on Facebook. We hit it off and when she discovered how hard I was working and barely making any income she had to work with me. Now, I am sure are wondering how I paid for a coach.. simply put, I made it happen. I invested everything in my bank account, which I was saving up to bail myself out of foreclosure at that moment, secretly praying my husband had dinner money and told myself I was going to figure this out.

And did I! That investment shifted my business so much in such a short amount of time that within 30 days I had made $12,000 and then $14,000 the next month, saved my home from foreclosure and had enough for christmas shopping!

It was magical.

It was divine.

It has been 4 years since that time and I have been running my profitable coaching business ever since.

So let me share with you, what made all the difference for me and makes the difference for my clients.

You ready?

The business model.

Have you heard of the term business model before? I know I hadn’t before I  worked with my coach and I have a degree in marketing and management. A business model is the way you structure your business to make its profits. There are a lot of different business models especially online.

One of the most popular ways to make profits online is to create, launch and sell online courses, digital workshops or products.

Another popular way is to create and enroll clients into a group or one on one offer.

I find that a lot of women entrepreneurs tend to model their business the way they see other successful women online do their business without truly knowing if that would work for them at the stage of business they are at currently.

So let’s talk about business models and see how yours works for you.

I want you to work the following equation.

I want you to write down your income goal ___________________ /divided by your most popular offer/package/product/service amount = this number tells you how many clients you have to attract every month to reach your income goals.

Now I want to ask you, when is the last time you were the close to attracting that many clients in a single month? How many people do you on average attract per month willing to pay this price? Does it still a little unrealistic for you now when you do the numbers? If you are hitting this number every month, are you doing a lot of launching and building complicated funnels? Do you feel you are spending a lot of time leveraging this model?

If you love the way your numbers come out. Congrats! This post probably isn’t for you.

So let’s say you want to make $10,000 and you are currently offering coaching for $97 per session. You would have to attract 100 clients per month, not to mention how many you would need to get on the phone, to hit $10,000 per month. You have to ask yourself, is this realistic to #1 service that many people in a month? #2 are you attracting enough people every month that are interested to work with you knowing you aren’t going to close all of them?

Let’s say you are trying to make $10,000 and you created a $600 online course or program because that is what you see all the successful 6 & 7 figure coaches doing, creating courses, you would have to sell 16 units per month. While that is not impossible and definitely doable it does require more energy and content creation that one might be aware of. This creates overwhelm, burn out and stalled growth. You have to invest time and resources in learning the latest digital marketing strategies and tactics versus being in flow and investing your time in clients who are searching the expertise that only you can provide in a high touch transformational way.

I call these type of business models a low ticket business model because the investment price is fairly inexpensive and requires selling quantity to hit your income goals.

A lot of women are in the wrong business model for the stage of business they are in. They want to make money in their sleep without mastering their ability to attract clients while they are awake. The best way to do this without the complicated technology and funnels is to have a transformational, results driven signature offer that requires the client to invest premium in you and themselves.

Let me show you how I coach my clients to effortlessly hit their income goals with fewer more ideal clients. I teach them how to reverse engineer the numbers. This means to work backwards. Instead of starting with the price. Work backwards. Ask yourself, how much money do I want to make per month divided by how many clients do I want to work with, notice want to work with, and then from that answer, this gives you a starting place to determine what the value of your offer should exceed.

So if you want to make $10,000 and you only want to work or sell 5 people per month. Then your package or offer price would need to be $2,000.

This is much more attainable for a women to achieve every month especially if she already has an engaged audience on social media that she has been building for some time. I actually find women who are most likely to see fast results when shifting to this business model, are women entrepreneurs who have at least 1,000 fans on social media, engage with their audience often and members of their audience consistently reach out wanting more from them. Normally, they aren’t hitting their goals because they don’t have an offer that the client will immediately say yes to and invest in and only requires a few every month to hit their income goals.

I like to call this business model a high ticket business model because the investment price is premium and requires selling quality versus quantity to reach your income goals.

I find the best clients who get the best results are not the ones who spent a couple of hundred dollars or less on another self study course or a 1 off session with no accountability. But are the ones who spent thousands of dollars on their personal and professional development and ARE the type of clients they want to attract. Clients who are fearless, committed, invested and are were willing to do whatever it takes to have what they want now.

The coaches who have a thriving coaching business are the ones who believe in coaching and have invested in a coach to help them grow and go to the next level in their business.

See, I was doing all this wrong in the beginning, the reason I was stressed and struggling and also the reason I think I was overconfident in quitting my job is because I was copying what I saw other women who were successful online were doing. Not understanding the full scope of what it took to make that work for them. There are a lot of moving parts to scaling a multi-6 figure and 7 figure business that many people underestimate.

The good news you don’t need to be overwhelmed or confused to hit your income goals.

You just need the right business model. 

I can help!

You should see an invitation to a complimentary business breakthrough session with me below to go over what you are currently offering and show you how to create a high ticket, transformational signature offer that puts you in alignment to hit your income goals with fewer more ideal dream clients.

When you only have to attract 2-5 clients per month to hit your income goals and you essentially work with them for :60 minutes per week you can see how 10 hour work weeks are so within reach!

You want to master this ability to attract clients who are able and willing to invest with you one on one because it gives your business the cash infusions to create, launch and scale your business with low ticket offers. Too many women don’t see the success they desire fast enough because they are doing it out of order. They start with low ticket offers trying to sell quantity to get the income to finance them going full time or to scale. You should master high ticket first so you can receive the revenue and have the time to perfect your program with clients who are paying for your best work. Then you have the resources and confidence to market it the masses.

Complimentary Business Breakthrough Sessions are not for women who:

  1. Never seem to be in a place to make the necessary investment of time or finances to grow personally or professionally.
  2. Has to ask others such as business partners, family or even a spouse to do what is best for them in their life and business.
  3. Do not feel 100% committed to the entrepreneurial journey at this time.

And here is why, because one of the main indicators if you can actually make a high ticket business model work for you is you have to be someone who would also make that type of investment in yourself. 

As Wayne Dyer said, we don’t attract what we want but we attract what we are. So I find a lot of women can’t make this business work for them because they themselves are unwilling to invest premium in the support they know they need to reach their life or business goals. They don’t believe people would spend thousands on coaching programs because they wouldn’t or can’t find a way to make it work for them. Over 90 % of my clients who have spent thousands to work with me had to find a way but like I did, did. The results for them have been amazing because they made the investment in themselves like they are asking others to do.

Now let’s talk about the only 4 parts you need to start generating high ticket clients. You need a high ticket offer, a discovery session page, traffic from social media or offline events, and a transformational discovery session script.

  1. A high ticket offer, is an offer that is results driven and worth thousands of dollars. It based on your signature way of getting clients from point A – pain or desire in their life or business to point B – results – pain solved, desired acquired.
  2. A discovery session page helps the potential client prequalify themselves before booking a discovery call with you to see if working together is a good fit for both of you.
  3. You need be building your social media pages of your ideal audience to drive them to book a discovery session. The good news again, is you don’t need a lot in this model, remember it is quality versus quantity and i’m sure if you have at least 1,000 fans you already have enough to start seeing 5 figure months in the next 30 days. Another way is attending events, speaking and inviting ideal people into a discovery sessions.
  4. Lastly, you will need a proven discovery call script. Seriously, discovering the script given to me by coach was worth the thousands I invested to work with her because it was a game changer. I had hundred of discovery calls before investing to work with her and none converted. The moment I used this script, I was closing high end clients like hot cakes!! How you facilitate the discovery session to enroll a high ticket client is very important. They must have a transformational and high valued call with you and there is a masterful way to do this where you do not have to coach away all your genius on the call. In fact, having a proven discovery script can be the difference from hearing no’s all day long and hearing yes and them paying upfront in full for your packages.

Listen, I know you probably have a million things going on but your business should not be one of them. This seriously is one of the simplest ways to start making serious income with major impact without the stress and confusion.

I want to invite you to a complimentary business breakthrough session with me to go over what you are currently offering and show you how leveraging a high ticket, transformational signature offer that puts you in alignment to hit your income goals with fewer more ideal dream clients. Plus give you the option to allow me to help you put all the pieces together step by step. Just click the link below, fill out the questions to the form and i will be in touch!

If you have never worked with a female business coach privately and are trying to get to the next level, I encourage you to apply for a complimentary consultation with me to see where you are now and how we can get you crushing your goals in 90 days or less!



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