What is a Signature System and Why You Need One!

A signature system is your unique way you get results for your ideal clients. It is your proven step by step method for taking similar people, in similar situations from point A, where they are stuck and struggling, to point B, where they desire to be or to obtain results they desire to have.

Leveraging a signature system is best for service based businesses such as coaches, consultants, experts and transformational leaders because they can be packaged in a premium or high ticket business model. They are not selling products, which is focused on selling quantity, but services so they can focus on quality.

The benefits of having a signature system is that you are able to better predict, stabilize and scale your income. A signature system already has a value tied to it due to the results that a client can have following your process. You don’t have to customize every client experience and deal with investments varying based on differing needs since you are only appealing to those who can achieve results leveraging this system.

It also reduces the amount workload you have to do within your business because you are following a process you have done before and have optimized to get your clients the fastest, best results without reinventing the wheel each and every time.

Your signature system sets you apart from your competitors because it is your unique process. It is a process you have proven by taking several ideal clients through steps to have them be happy with their results.

You will receive better testimonials and referrals because you are only enrolling clients you are confident can follow these steps and see their desired outcome.

The client is happier with their investment because when they work with you, you already have your stuff together. Off the bat, they know you are worth your investment because you know what you are doing. You aren’t wasting time during calls deciding what to do next. You are seen and confirmed as an expert.

You can create 7 streams of income without running around with your head cut off! I don’t know how many times I have heard people say you need 7 streams of income. The sad thing is that many try to start 7 different businesses to have 7 different streams. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to do it that way. I mean, who wants to be a tax preparer, entrepreneur, work a 9 to 5, buy and sale real estate, write a book, do multi-level marketing and do photography. I mean really. Too often that is what I see, people striving for 7 streams of income, running around with their head cut off trying manage it all! An easier way is to become an expert in a profitable niche and come up a solution and then break it down in steps that people can solve. That will be your signature system then you leverage it to write books, create digital products, self-study courses, group programs, 1 and 1 coaching, speaking engagements, sponsorships of your media, and affiliate marketing with complimentary brands and businesses.

You can make more money working less. A signature system is valuable in nature because you are helping people move forward in a big way fast, saving them the very expensive cost of either money, time, sanity and or peace of mine. Most signature systems are packaged in a premium or high ticket programs that focus on people who can invest to get expert level support. This allows you to focus on less more ideal clients who are going to be happy and excited to do the work and hit your income goals with less hustle.


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