This package is for serious women entrepreneurs and brands that are seeking online success strategy.

What’s Included

goldBullet1(12) :60 minute Setup for Success Coaching Sessions

This is where we map out your entire online brand & business strategy. No more guessing on what steps need to be taken to be set up for online success. 


Over 300+ pages of high quality, follow along workbooks, planners, templates and scripts 

Don’t worry about having to remember every little detail of what you gain from this experience because you will get plenty of resources to help you stay the course.

VIP WORKBOOKS (1)What’s covered in the Setup for Success Coaching Sessions:

Brainstorming Your Brand

goldBullet1Get in alignment with your true gifts and expertise so that you can always serve at your personal level of genius; branding begins with self-discovery

goldBullet1Develop your brands impact and influence through a process of identifying unique aspects of you and your business and fusing those together in a way that is consistently expressed

goldBullet1Dig deep to create a cohesive brand statement that easily conveys to your ideal audience exactly what you do and how you can help them

Identifying Your Dream Clients

goldBullet1How to get clear on who your ideal client is and where to find them online by identifying their demographic characteristics

goldBullet1Learn how to think your like your ideal client to leave a lasting impression of you and your brand that resonates with them and turns them into devoted fans

goldBullet1Understanding simple techniques that reveal what will attract your dream clients to you; recognize what methods will work in your favor and new tactics you haven’t tried yet

Your Signature Package & Pricing

goldBullet1Identify your brand strengths and opportunities and learn to package those as a signature offer that distinguishes you as an expert in your field

goldBullet1Get clear on your “Magic Money Number”; devising a business model and pricing plan that is in alignment with those goals so you can start making money

goldBullet1Learn how to have your audience prequalify themselves so that your marketing strategies attract dream clients who are primed and ready to buy what you’re selling

Creating Your Lead Magnet

goldBullet1Determine the best ‘must have’ free gift to grow your list the right way and attract ideal prospects

goldBullet1Creating straightforward action steps that take you from being a hidden treasure to having a mass of subscribers and followers and raving fans

goldBullet1Learn proven lead magnets that consistently get people to sign up onto your email list

Social Media Lead Funnels

goldBullet1Properly leverage social media to become an online force to be reckoned with so that your ideal audience come to know, like and trust you and your brand

goldBullet1Harness the power of Facebook ads using the Power Editor so that you can get in front of your ideal audience fast and have them convert

goldBullet1Understand step by step how to set up a stylish lead and sales funnel so you are always generating high quality leads into your business, on automation

List Building & Conversions

goldBullet1Easy techniques to growing your email list with social media, and how to use your list to turn them from followers into clients and cash

goldBullet1Learn how to use the list to build relationships with your subscribers and why you don’t have to have a big list to have a bankable brand

goldBullet1Specialized coaching on sales conversations and how to speak to sell confidently during client calls by understanding your message and worth


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