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Tworking is the New Twerking

Tworking is the New Twerking

Thanks Miley for twerking at the VMAs! Now the Oxford Dictionary has officially made the term “twerking” a word (you can Google for the definition). But pretty much means a vigorous shaking motion in a low squatting position. That kinda describes me when I have had to much coffee for the day but that is besides the point. As much as I am sure that twerking helps work out the lower body and strengthens your abdominal abs, it should be left for your outlandish bachelorette party, that stays in Vegas. But what shouldn’t be hidden behind doors is my other new favorite term known as tworking. Tworking means, by my definition not Oxfords…yet, to work vigorously with a non stop motion that brings positive attention to your “work” and not those other “ass-ets”.

I want to start a #tworking movement!(tweet this) If we are fed up with seeing barely of age adults defining what’s cool by making a mockery of what it takes to succeed in this country, we need to replace those images with ones showing hard-working stay at home moms, aspiring artists, up and coming small business owners. I call on you to use the hastag tworking (#tworking) whenever sharing content that represents those positive images on social media. Together, we can spread this term and give inspiration to each other to do more for ourselves and our communities.

So without further ado, here are my rules for Tworking:

1.) Purpose & Priorities. Define your purpose, your passion, and your priorities and put them in writing. Without having a plan you are like a boat in the water lost at sea. You might see land again, you might not. But a person with a map, the skill of the compass, and the navigation of the heart can most certainly see land again! Life is too short to wander through life, take charge and be great!

2.) Surround Yourself With a Good Support System. Surround yourself with people who believe in your new goals and the person you want to be. Don’t settle. If someone is throwing shade your way. Ditch them. Move on. There are too many Great people to connect with who share your interests. Who made the same mistakes you did and can give you the support it takes to be the best person you can be.

3.) Master the Mindset. Every guru and champion will tell you most of the battle in played in the mind. It starts and stops there. Usually the body wants to quit before the mind does. But if you don’t develop the mind like the body you will most likely not succeed,(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed).

4.) Dive In. One of my favorite sales coaches, Grant Cardone, says often that there are four levels of action: 1.) Do nothing 2.) Retreat 3.) Average levels of action 4.) MASSIVE LEVELS OF ACTION (The 10XRule). The worst of the four is #3. Average levels of action. This is where most people fall. But to be tworking, really tworking you have to get moving! Lean in, Dive in, whatever you have to do to get the job done! Now thats #tworking.

5.) When Lost, Go Back To Rule #1 and Repeat.