Imagine in less than 4 weeks…

diamondKnowing the secrets of how to convert your fans into dream clients who motivate you to do your best work and attracting only those who are ready and invested in having you transform their lives while being true to you and your gifts.

diamondReceiving behind the scenes access to setting up a 6 figure business while working less and making huge impact in other people’s lives.

diamondTraveling to a tropical location that will inspire you to create some of your best ideas and mastermind with other like-minded women who are building the business of their dreams!

diamondBeing treated like a VIP Empress with red carpet full access to a business mentor who will hold your hand and support you mentally and strategically to reach your goals with grace and ease. (and more than likely become a friend for a lifetime)




The Empress VIP Experience is for go-getting women who are ready right now to join a platinum VIP experience that models what is possible for them when they stop playing small and step into their destiny and BECOME AN EMPRESS! She is a ruler of her realm, an influential force of empowerment and a leader who supports others at her highest level, allowing her to have impact and income with grace and ease!

This is women for who have a coaching or consulting business who know that they are so close to breaking through with their business but recognize that they need support in figuring out the critical pieces that have kept them from seeing the success they desire.

In particular, this is for women who have been building their audience, creating content, developing digital products, online courses and or offering coaching but has yet to package, position, promote and profit from a signature program that allows her to hit her income goals with fewer, more invested ideal clients.


The Process of Becoming an Empress

Phase #1 – Brand Brilliance

Discovering your unique brand archetype so you can develop a cohesive and authentic brand that connects with your audience and is in alignment to your personality.

Phase #2 – Dream Client Clarity

Identify exactly who your dream client is and who would be excited, willing and able to invest in working with you.  Plus you will learn to establish your red velvet rope policy so that you maintain your reputation, boundaries and results with clients that are perfect to work with you.

Phase #3 – Signature Offer Success

Package your genius in a high ticket program that allows you to attract fewer more ideal clients, work smarter not harder and hit your income goals with ease.

Phase #4 – Craft Compelling Marketing Messages & Copy

Position your content in a way that allows your ideal prospects to get to know you, like your vibe and style and trust that you are the expert to help them solve their problems and or achieve their dreams. They are magnetized to your message and marketing so it does the soft selling for you.

Phase #5 – Optimize Your Online Presence for High Ticket Leads

Learn exactly what elements your online presence needs to have to capture and convert fans into dream clients.

Phase #6 – Social Media Lead Generation, Advanced Client Attraction Techniques & Booking Discovery Sessions

Implement proven strategies and solutions to generate leads on demand and automation to qualify and enroll dream clients into your programs and offers.

Phase #7- Discovery Calls & Premium Client Enrollment

Master high ticket transformational discovery sessions that have dream clients saying yes to your premier program and paying the premium investment upfront, in full on the first call!

Phase #8 – Facebook Advertising to Grow Audience, Email List & Direct Leads

Setup my simple Facebook ad campaigns that my clients have used to grow their audience by the tens of thousands with just $5/day. How to use Facebook ads to grow your email list, Facebook group, Direct personal FB inbox messages and discovery sessions bookings! This is how you grow your tribe, spark your movement and make sure that you are building a business that sustains and scales.

What you will receive:


diamondA VIP Kickoff Call to royally welcome you and onboard you to The Empress Experience. Begin phases 1 through 2. – Valued at $497

diamond2 ½ VIP Virtual Intensive to begin phases 3 through 5. – Valued at $2750

diamond2 ½ Live In Person VIP Intensive in Cancun, Mexico to implement phases 6-8. We will also review and master all phases of the process.-  Valued at $2750

diamondOver 300 pages of scripts, templates and workbooks! – Valued at $4500

diamondAccess to all digital products including Make Your Brand Pop, The OBS Guide For Facebook Livestreaming & Brainstorming Your Brand VIP Guide – Valued at $147

diamond30 Day Email/ FB Messenger/Phone Full Access Support – Valued at $2500

diamondThis package also includes travel (excluding flight) to meet in person for a private 1 on 1 VIP intensive in Cancun Mexico the week of August 20 – 25, 2017 at The Rich Girl Retreat! – Valued at $2600



What is included in your investment when you travel to Cancun:

Single Room Occupancy at the all inclusive Grand Moon Palace Spa & Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Stay as long as you like up to 6 days and 5 nights. (The week of August 20 – 25th)

Free Access to Over 10 Resort Restaurants and 6 Bars with all food being inlcuded – Including Alcohol.

$1350 Room Credit To Be Used at the Luxury Resort Spa, Dolphin Swims, Resort Tours.

Glamour Photoshoot Session on the Beach.

Access to a VIP workshop featuring:

Kim McCarter – Business Success & Sales Funnel Strategist 

Kim will be sharing step by step strategies on how to leverage smart funnels to love on your tribe and generate dream clients on automation.

Barbara Lash – Communications &
Media Coach

Barbara is a 20 year broadcasting veteran who will be sharing effective communication and media tactics so that our message moves the masses.

The Empress VIP Experience Investment

I’m positive there isn’t a better, more luxurious offer on the market right now for any who is serious about building their business fast and in flow!

The Paid In Full Investment


You can also receive an additional $1,300 savings if you decide to share a room with a fellow women entrepreneur who will be attending the retreat.

Bringing your investment to ONLY $6,200! Visa, Mastercard, Paypal Accepted.



What makes me different?

Not only have I been in business full time for the last 3 years, I have also increased my audience to over 43,000 fans, created and grew my Facebook group to over 3,000 women on the hot pursuit to build a rich business and brand and have made multiple 6 figures.

In addition, I have the personal skills to build and set up many technology pieces required to run an online business such as designing and developing websites, lead magnets, landing pages, email automation, Facebook ads, webinars, workbooks, etc. So I can teach how to set up a profitable business and how to leverage all the tools to make it happen!

And of course you wouldn’t be convinced if I could just do this for me, so this is what my clients have said about working with me:

“Danielle is awesome not only because she’s a master at sales but she knows how to sell from a place of grace and ease. Before working with Danielle, I had done really well to grow my brand to tens of thousands of fans and generate 5-figure months BUT… I was doing so by “grinding it out.” I was taking on more clients than ever AND launching new products all the time, all because I felt like it was what I HAD to do just to hit my income goals. To make matters worse, my own clients were telling me my prices were too low! I knew I was over-delivering and giving a ton of value away but I still struggled with the idea that I was “allowed” to start charging my worth. Needless to say, I was burning myself out.

After connecting with Danielle online and becoming fast friends, I started sharing with her my frustrations because I knew deep down, there had to be a better way. So when Danielle offered to help me not only increase my income but do so in a way that required WAY less work than what I was doing before, I jumped at the chance. Within 2 weeks of working together, I was STUNNED at the results. Not only was I getting more discovery calls within HOURS (seriously!) of implementing Danielle’s strategies, I was getting paid more than double my previous rate.

As a coach myself, I’m very selective of who I coach with but Danielle is a MASTER at sales and truly knows her stuff. As someone who has learned what feels like every business building strategy under the sun, I feel like what I’ve learned from Danielle was honestly the missing piece for my business.

If you’re looking to effortlessly attract high-quality clients who understand your value and *will pay you what your worth* Danielle is your girl. She is honest, sincere, and most importantly, she’s good at what she does. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with her.”

P.S. Courtney received her first $30K month within 4 weeks of working with me and quit her 9 to 5!

– Courtney S.

Business Coach

“Danielle has single-handedly given me the tools to make 5 figures in a month (ok, 35 days – but who’s really counting when you’re crushing your goals set for yourself and business?), and the figures keep increasing.

After just 1 day with her (read it, O-N-E) I booked my first discovery session and in a few short weeks, I pulled in $8500 in 30 days. Crazy right?

Funny enough, I had CRAZY resistance before our Discovery Session. I did not want to do it. Although I had invested in high end programs before, I had never done 1-on-1 and quite frankly had no desire to begin. Within 20 minutes I knew I had to work with her, no matter the cost and I’m so happy that I made the leap. I made that money back in UNDER a month.

You rock Danielle xo

If you’ve been wondering if she’s the “real deal” then you needn’t – She’s legit and I have the business accounts to prove it.”

Gaynete E.

Book & Goal Chaser Coach

“If you want to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. If you want to be a rich girl. If you’re tired of empty promises and hearing the same old tips and tricks repackaged – and you want to achieve REAL online success…

Then you need to invest in yourself and book coaching with Danielle Murrell.

Thanks to her expert guidance, advice and patience, I catapulted my knowledge of the online space from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks, rapidly growing my business, boosting my brand and locking in clients before I even had a chance to quit my 9 to 5.

Thanks to Danielle, my funnels are solid, my lead magnets are on point and my networks are growing by the day. I can’t stress this enough – if you’re serious about building a business that supports your lifestyle, then you need to work with Danielle.

This girl sets you up for success – and you better hold on, because it’s a wild ride.”

– Stephanie H.


“I’ve been in business for a little over a year. During this time, I’ve tried 4 different business coaches with no income and no results to show for it.

I really needed someone to transform my mindset and that could relate to having social media presence. Danielle is the best thing that has ever happened to my business.

Within three short weeks of working with her, I made 10k! And instantly got a return on my investment with her.

I can’t believe how easy the process was to gain more clients with a high income business model.

Working with Danielle also allowed me to double my Facebook following from 1k to 2k followers in just 2 weeks. Having more eyes and ears of potential clients has caused my Discovery Calls to increase by at least 2 new calls per week.

Danielle has helped me with everything from clarifying my message, scripting to call my dream client forth, to setting up FB campaigns and ads (something I was totally clueless about).

She has not only been my coach but has become a friend. She really cares and her passion about her clients is evident! So much so, I’ve signed up to continue to work with her (wasn’t quite ready to let her go yet😁). I can tell she has so much more to give to continue taking my business and income to the next level!

If you’re just following Rich Girl Business but not investing in Danielle’s expertise, you are doing yourself and business a great disservice.

Thanks again for everything Danielle!”

Joi E.

Fitness & Life Coach

I’m only opening 2 spots for the exclusive offer. Must an active passport valid until January 2018. Flight not included. 

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