Freedom, Flexibility, Funds, Family
Have It ALL!


Whether you’re looking to build a business that allows you to Work Less and Make More, Create Stand Out Branding, or Attract High Paying Clients, Rich Girl Business offers premium, yet affordable, workshops to help you grow your business today!


Give me :90 minutes and I will BLOW YOU away in your business!

No seriously, if you want to get answers to how to have a profitable business then you need to book a Business Breakthrough Session! Think of this as picking my brain but with benefits like me actually listening, caring and coming up with a legit strategy that works just for you!


Want to get your business Set Up For Success in just 1 day?

Yes, it is totally possible to go from stuck to success in less than a ONE day! VIP Days are structured to help women entrepreneurs accelerate towards their goals and achieve them fast!

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