5 Mindset Shifts Business Coaches Can Make To Transition To Selling Platinum Packages And Programs.

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I want to quickly go over what platinum programs and packages are.

It falls under the umbrella of high ticket sales.

Which starts off at the premium offer price point of around $3,000.

High ticket packages, programs and offers start around $5,000 and up.

Platinum packages and programs are around $20,000 and up because of their multi-5 figure investment so the person who invests in this will be ultra premium.

Most high tickets coaches offer packages and programs from $3-$10K.

That’s the sweet spot.

Here are the 5 mindset shifts to transition to platinum packages and programs:

1.) That making $50K months is easy when you have a simple, leveraged model.

2.) Selling platinum packages are not unrealistic or unreasonable when you understand how the high ticket group coaching program model works

3.) That you have miles and miles to take them and even more miles for them to maintain it
4.) You deserve and are worth $$50K months

5.) That your dream client wants it too!

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