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Vision Planning, Mindset & Self Mastery Worksheets for the Modern Woman


Includes 20 pages for you to fill out digitally or print to use! (Note: This is a digital product. Does not ship to a physical address.)

Create The Highest Vision For Your Life

The best way to become the best version of you is to envision it!

This is a such a fun, exciting and motivating exercise because as you create the highest vision for your life over the next 50 years, 30 years, 5 years, the next 90 days you feel inspired to start embodying that woman today!!

The next step is to reverse engineer, or work backwards, in your mind, to play out the best, most wonderful, least resistant path to realizing all that you desire to be, have and do! (5 pages)

The Woman You Were Born To Be

Tap into your highest frequency and vibration, begin reflecting, and getting clear on the woman you desire to be.

Do you know what you want to be known for? What words do you want to describe you? What do you want your legacy to be?

These are just a few of questions that will empower you to be crystal clear on the woman you want to embody. (4 pages)

She's Got That Vibe

Daily Frequency and Vibration Worksheet

A savvy woman knows that a fabulous day starts with high vibes and a feel good frequency.

Kickoff your morning by making a Vibration Declaration that you are going to show up as your best or whatever statement that will set the tone for who you’re excited to be and receive for the day!

Included is a daily Mindset & Manifestation Journal Worksheet. (2 pages)

Manifestation Mastery

Did you know the secret to manifestation is to feel good while waiting for your desires to be realized.

Yes! It’s true!

Manifestation is really a subject of 2 subjects. Your desire for the manifestation and the lack of it being realized. The more you crave your desires with disappointment they haven’t manifested, you are actually attracting more of the lack in which you despise.

Everything you want is because you believe it will make you feel good but the trick to receiving that in which you desire is to feel as you already have them!

These worksheets will help you gain clarity on your desires and the embodiment you need to master to manifest with fun in your life. (2 pages)

Mindset Affirmations

How many times have you said you were going to do something or you wanted something to happen, especially when you wrote it down, and it happen?

You’ve probably have more than a few examples of how you spoke things into existence in your life.

And you probably said you should do that more often!

Here is your chance.

It is time to use the power of your words to speak positivity and prosperity over your life with more intention.

You will be given the space to write I AM, I HAVE, and I CLAIM statements in different areas of your life. (4 pages)

Makin' Moves

Now that you have created the highest vision for your life, outlined your ideal day, and made fruitful claims over your life it is time to list what needs to happen in each area of your life (personal life, home life, family, finances, and business/work) to be great!

And then do the fun part… check it off! (3 pages)

Daily Habit Tracker

To be your best and maintain her, you need a plan!

Your Daily Habit Tracker worksheet is for you to list out the 12 things you want to do daily to move you closer to your highest vision you!

Then, track your success! (1 page)

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