The Rich Girl Way Business Day is a virtual 5.5 hour school that teaches interested, aspiring and established women entrepreneurs how to create a business that allows them to work less and make more and create a proven business strategy plan in a day!

During this virtual training I will teach YOU HOW TO: 

Assess your current skillsets you’ve acquired from your education, experience, expertise and passion and help you identify what talents would be a viable profitable business that doesn’t take a long time to start up.

Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities when it comes to transitioning into a full time entrepreneur to prepare and plan to overcome your challenges and capitalize on your unique selling proposition.

Design your day so that you are able to remain feminine and family focused while having impact, influence and income in business so you can be a RICH GIRL in all areas (not just business) in your life.

Reverse Engineer your numbers to know exactly how to earn the income you desire in your own business every month, consistently and how to do it without hustling and grinding which supports women replacing their income before they quit their jobs without burning or stressing them out and or overwhelming them.

Develop a Successful Entrepreneur mindset that allows you to attract the energy, tools and resources you need to make the transition easy and effortless.

Create an Ideal Client Profile so that you know how to target, capture and convert the right audience for your business.

Form a power statement sharing with people what you do, who you serve and the results you get so that you always know how to answer the question, “What is your business about?”.

Leverage inexpensive professional photography to make your personal brand STAND OUT and attract clients.

Optimize your online presence to grow your fans, followers and how to leverage that into paying clients and customers.

You Will Also Learn:

Business Models and the pros and cons of different ways to make money in your business and the fastest way to make enough money to replace your 9 to 5 income.

Modern Marketing terms and methods

Business Best Practices

How to use social media to establish your brand and business

You Will Also Receive:

Business Quick Start Guide (VALUED AT $97 Included)

Make Your Brand Pop – Graphic Design Training (Valued at $67 Included)

Make Poppin’ Videos with iMovie – Video Editing Training (Valued at $47 Included)

How To Use Facebook Ads – Lead Generation (Valued at $197 Included)

How to Use inDesign – How to Make Cute .pdfs, workbooks, etc. (Valued at $27 Included)

Facebook Group for FREE for 90 Days of Community with an ongoing monthly group payment option (Valued at $297 Included)

Results By The End of Day School:

Clarity on how to create business that makes more money in less time than leveraging your passions, skillsets and talents than working at a 9 to 5.

Exactly what to focus on to increase your personal and professional value to others to sell services at premium or high ticket investments allowing for accelerated growth and success.

How to position yourself to attract fans, followers and leads that can convert into customers and clients.

An abundant mindset when it comes to money and what it is possible for your life.

How to market a business so that you can effectively and efficiently accelerate your growth and income.

How to generate 7+ streams of income by having this 1 thing in your business.

Understand modern marketing methods, buyer psychology and business terms.

What to invest in first that hasn’t the biggest return on investment to get your business generating clients and income.

Confidence in pursuing your full entrepreneurial dream.

The Rich Girl Way Business Day Date:

When: Saturday, July 20th – 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: Zoom Conferences (ONLINE VIRTUAL TRAINING)

The Rich Girl Way Business Day School is perfect for women who:

Know you don’t want to work in corporate america or grind at a 9 to 5 forever and would much rather work from yourself at home or from wherever.

Don’t mind investing now upfront to learn skillsets and business best practices to help accelerate your entrepreneurial growth and success.

Don’t want to spend weeks, months or years trying to learn on your own how to build a successful business.

Want to have time for family, friends and fun times and refuses to sacrifice those things for a job.

Are daydreaming at your job of owning or going full time in business and often feel like you’re cheating their “job” for not wanting to be there.

Want to have a business that allows you to stay in your feminine and are family conscious.

Are excited to invest in your personal development, information, and growth.

Want to develop a business and marketing plan by learning from someone who has been a full time entrepreneur for over 5 years earning 5 figure months and 6 figure a year.

Want a preview of what it takes to run a business so they can prepare and plan properly for success.

Don’t want to put off learning how to be a successful, feminine ladyboss

This is not for women who:

Are in financial distress and can’t comfortable invest in the day school on a credit cards, using savings, investments, and or cash. Or are extremely emotionally connected to the investment. If this isn’t a HELL YES! I’m EXCITED. Then this is NOT for you!

Are looking for information on how to create business licenses, accounting or tax information, business structure setup, legal information, business name creation or the basic business administration setup. This program is meant to teach women what they need to know on how to package, price, promote and profit from a service based business. This program does not guarantee or even promise that you will make your money back because that is not the purpose. The purpose is teach women the common mistakes that keep women from having a full time business and give support and strategy to overcome these challenges, ultimately saving them time, money and abandonment of their dream trying to figure it out. The financial expectation is that once you understand business best practices you will be able to avoid common pitfalls and have a new mental framework to use on how to create a business that has a business model that accommodates fewer hours and potential higher income then their current employer.

Are 100% sure they want to only have an ecommerce or low ticket product based business. Meaning selling hair, clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. While you can make money from these types of businesses the method of coaching that I provide women has best results when women have a serviced based businesses such as web design, social media marketing, coaching, consulting, event planning, etc. because you are able to attract fewer customers because you don’t need to sell quantity to hit high income goals. Women who are interested in MLM are welcomed to join because the information in this seminar would beneficial for positioning your own brand within the company.

What this is not:

A training on how to establish business structures, licenses, tax and or accounting practices. While those things I believe are very important in business, my personal belief is that it makes more sense to take your business from idea to implementation and prove that you can make money from it BEFORE you take the time, money and resources establishing the legalities of the business. The moment you start generating income, you know have financial proof and resources to invest to setting all of that up. You could end up spending months creating all the structure just not to know how to attract clients and make money and it dies. Or you can, from the place of new knowledge, launch a business, create an offer, attract clients, make money and go set it all up all formalities and keep your momentum going!

A training on how to make your money back within a certain amount of time. Although, this program will definitely show you how to make money quickly and efficiently, its main promise IS NOT to make your investment back within 30 days or less. Many women who have an aspiring or established business can most certainly make their investment back within 30 days or less however each case is different based on varying factors.






2 Payments of $599

You will learn over $3,500.00 worth of information, strategy and coaching!!

Payments Plans are billed $599 today and $599 2 weeks after 1st payment.

Investments for the The Rich Girl Way Business Day School are NON-REFUNDABLE. By confirming full payment or partial payment you are agreeing to the no refund policy. If needed payments can be credit to other Rich Girl Business programs.

“Danielle is the best thing that ever happened to my business!”

– Joi Edwards,

I’ve been in business for a little over a year. During this time, I’ve tried 4 different business coaches with no income and no results to show for it. I really needed someone to transform my mindset and that could relate to having social media presence. Danielle is the best thing that has ever happened in my business! Within 3 short weeks of working with her I made $10K! And instantly received a return on my investment with her.

“Danielle has single-handly given me the tools to make 5 figure months”

– Gaynete Edwards,

Danielle has single-handly given me the tools to make 5 figure in a month (ok, 35 days – but who’s really counting when you’re crushing your goals set for yourself and business?), and the figures keep increasing. After just 1 day with her (read, O-N-E) I booked my first

discovery session and in a few short weeks, I pulled in $8,500 in 30 days. Crazy right?

“Danielle was honestly the missing piece to my business”

– Courtney Saunders,

As someone who has learned what feels like every business building strategy under the sun, I feel like what I’ve learned from

Danielle was honestly the missing piece for my business. If you’re looking to effortlessly attract high paying clients who understand your value and *will pay you what you are worth* Danielle is your girl. She is honest, sincere, and most importantly, she’s good at what she does. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with her.






2 Payments of $599

You will learn over $3,500.00 worth of information, strategy and coaching!!

Payments Plans are billed $599 today and $599 2 weeks after 1st payment.

Investments for the The Rich Girl Way Business Day School are NON-REFUNDABLE. By confirming full payment or partial payment you are agreeing to the no refund policy. If needed payments can be credit to other Rich Girl Business programs.

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