Do you desire…

Not having to convince penny pitchers to work with you,

Attract highly committed clients who are already sold on themselves,

Elevate your transformational coaching skills and not just another content creator,

Not having to always be marketing, conversing, enrolling, serving clients in short containers,

Monthly recurring revenue in a more leveraged way,

Cut above the noise in the marketplace and speak directly to your NEXT LEVEL client,

You are in the right place.

My :90 minute Business Model Blueprint Intensives are designed to help you break out of your old business model that is keeping you playing small in business and life.

In this powerful and profitable session, you will learn how to increase your fees so you can increase your funds without fatigue.

Your money vibration and frequency will immediately rise to a realm of unlimited possibilities and paths to riches.

You will realize how hard you are making business and how simple it can be to scale with sanity.



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I left our 90 minute session with new dreams, excitement and a fresh perspective on my business and the possibilities. Not only that I had a tangible game plan on how to move forward (Not just motivation). After 90 minutes I stepped into the 2.0 version of myself.

Tiffany said when she came to me felt stressed like she was working a corporate job because of how low vibe she talking and how after the session she felt, “so damn good”, because she was able to see how small she was thinking, talking and playing.

Tiffany Nicole

Life Transformation Coach

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