How I Changed My Business To Support Me Hitting Multi-5 Figure Months With More Ease And Grace And How This Helps My Clients Do The Same!

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As you know, I’m passionate about helping women earn high multi-5 figure months with the fewest amount of clients/sales.


Become the more you have to sell, the more you have to market.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing… it’s just not for me.


Bandwidth is important to me!


Because I love money AND time!


So here are the changes I’ve made to my business offerings to achieve $30K+ months working just 2 days a week and how this supports my clients to do the same!


1.) Longer, Lucrative Offers – Better Leveraged High Income Business Model


Shifted from offering smaller, shorter offers to longer, more lucrative offers. So instead of offering 90 day programs for $5K. I now offer a 10 month program for $30K.


This reduces the amount of marketing, enrolling, serving new clients every 90 days and now earn $300,000 per year with just 10 long term high achieving clients in a hybrid 1:1/group model.


I don’t have to market to the masses but support a handful of clients on a deep level.


I teach my clients how to do the same so they have high monthly recurring revenue with longer, platinum packaged clients so they don’t have to market, attract, close, serve a bunch of clients a year or every 90 days but to support the same clients longer.


Clients benefit from longer containers as well because usually 90 days is not enough to overcome mindset limitations, hit and scale income.


Plus they will have a business model that will let them achieve $30K months and be booked out for the year in just 3 months!


People in shorter containers can hit high income months but what happens after the 90 days when support runs out can they maintain and scale it?


New levels = New levels.


2.) Focusing on Mindset, Model and Messaging


To really uplevel women into $30K package, where they themselves in return are confident to sell $10K, $20K, $30K+ packages really does take shifting and transforming what women believe is possible and that you can do it without a big team, a lot of frustrating tech or a lot of time!


When you play at these levels, most women do better when they have some sort of spiritual or faith based support because it does take a level of stepping out of the what is possible in the physical world and understanding how alignment, energy and visionary thinking play a huge role in collapsing time and income goals with grace and ease.


I make it simple to scale so that you don’t have to do more to receive more, you just have to master being able to articulate high visions to get clients excited to move to receive rich results.


By focusing on simple, scalable offers that allow you to support client’s long term in their growth gives you higher client retention and the ability to have more time to market and build up a waiting list of eager prospects.


Empowering women to be their highest level selves, build personal power and confidence, and raising their vibrations help simplify the marketing process because they are mastering who they BE, how they think and what aligned, inspired action they should take, gives them the freedom and flexibility to create fun and funds in their business on demand.


3.) Legacy Coaching


Not only do I help you create your own longer, lucrative offer, master your NEXT LEVEL mindset, business model and messaging. I also provide legacy coaching which is supporting you on consulting, closing, coaching your clients so that you are able to create the simplest, most strategic, most profitable plan for your clients as well.


Legacy coaching means that I help you close high ticket sales and coach your high ticket clients through our coaching sessions, so you aren’t holding space for platinum package clients by yourself.


So not only do I coach you where you are and what you need to BECOME the NEXT LEVEL you! I help you facilitate high level strategic and spiritual transformation for your clients so they are exceeding their life and business goals as well! It is to ensure it is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone in our energetic space!
If you know you are meant to PLAY BIG in life and business and want HIGH income months with ease and lots of fun then reach out to me via PM or Apply for a Complimentary Call here


Rich Girl Business Sessions Available

If you are an aspiring, established or seasoned coach, consultant, or expert who desires to enroll high ticket clients, have a Simpler Way To Scale WITHOUT having to have a huge team, complex tech or it taking a long time; and to create a feminine business by design, click the button below to apply for a complimentary call today!


Lucrative Ladyboss Business Bundle

For High Ticket Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Experts

Includes 40+ page .pdf that you can fill out digitally or print to use.

 5 Ways To Attract New High End Clients ⭐️ Virtual VIP 1-Day Intensive: Sample Outline ⭐️ High End Program Blueprints ⭐️ How to Enroll Clients Into Your Programs ⭐️ Business Offers Blueprint ⭐️ Bold Monthly Money Goal Worksheet ⭐️ Creating Your Signature Offer ⭐️ Discovery Session Application Sample Questions + MORE!

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