How To Transition From The 9 To 5 And Thrive As A Work From Home Wife.

I’m passionate about helping women figure this out because I believe women need solutions. We are living in time when women have more pressures than ever to perform in a variety areas of life that are stressing us out. The bandwidth that the new digital and hustle age requires, is hardening us, making us doubtful and not allowing us to operate in our femininity.

Between working 40+ hours a week, raising children, maintaining the house and our relationships it has become very taxing on our energy and spirits. I think a lot of women, like myself, are yearning for examples on how we can truly prioritize what’s important and grow our generational wealth for a lasting legacy.  

I had a desire to be a stay at home mom so I could be there for my kids and I never really liked the dull hours and lack of autonomy of corporate america and not to mention, never feeling like I was paid enough to live and enjoy life. I felt I had to figure out how to transition out of the 9 to 5 and thrive working from home so I could have the freedom, flexibility, funds to have fun times with my family. I needed to conquer this challenge and champion it for other women so they could do the same.

I also didn’t want to be a damsel in distress to my husband, who even though played in the NFL, was experiencing his own financial hardships. I feel like this is a common challenge for a lot of women, they want to put their family first, but they don’t ever want to make it harder for them by living on one income. And even though we know that there are many healthy men and marriages, it’s not like we haven’t heard our fair share of horror stories of stay at home moms who didn’t work and got abandoned with nothing to fall back on because saying you were a mom for 18 years doesn’t scream you have a unique set of ninja skills on a resume.

So it is quite understandable that most women today don’t feel 100% comfortable to “trust” she won’t be in this situation. So what that being said, what is the alternative? How can a woman thrive as a stay at home wife? Well, in my opinion the best of both worlds, is a woman who has the ability to stay at home and still make money for herself and her family. In addition, a woman who has found something she is great at, that lights her up and allows her to have positive impact on others, working in half the time and making way more than she would at a job.

That way she has more time for self care, managing her other responsibilities, is able to contribute financially to her and her family’s goals and she hasn’t “lost” herself. And not “losing” yourself is a very important thing because a common argument against being just a “stay at home” wife or mom, which is very insulting, by the way, is that women will get bored, that they will just be a “wife and mom”, that they won’t have any contribution to the world. The solution to this is creating a business where you do something you love, impact people you care about, don’t have to trade dollars for hours and makes you feel better for investing in your education even if your not using it.

What should women do now if they want to be a work from home wife?

First, set the intention. Work on your mindset. Write “I AM” and “I HAVE” affirmations detailing how you see your life. You have to believe it is possible for you. You have to call into your life. See before I was in a position to be a work at home wife, I had set the intention, I told my husband that when we had kids I wanted to stay at home. It worked out that when both my kids were born I stayed at home for years and only briefly worked outside the house. Some of you will be able to set the intention and you will have no issues having your husband support you and will be totally ok managing your household as your sole focus. Others, will want to be a stay at home wife but will need to have something bringing in income to make her feel comfortable.

For me, it wasn’t all easy, because I made a common mistake of investing time and energy in businesses without really understanding business models, undercharging, overdelivering and underestimating what it really takes to be successful. That is why one of the things women need to be careful is not to make too many mistakes trying to figure it out because you don’t want your spouse to lose confidence in you and more importantly you don’t want to lose confidence in yourself. You also have to make the best choices in investing in your personal and professional development to avoid debt and financial setbacks while trying to figure it out.

The best thing I discovered was taking skillsets I learned from my education, experience, expertise and passion of digital marketing and build a business around service based skillsets that solved the expensive pain problem of attracting high paying clients and fullfilled the desire of helping women create 5 figure months in their business. Prior to discovering this way of business, I had attempted and failed at a product based ecommerce business.

What I learned is that having a product based business although easy in set up, it cost me in overhead and advertising to sell quantity to make enough profit to replace my income. When I created a serviced business and leveraged a high income business model I was able to have a 6 figure business in less than 12 months working with fewer, more ideal, more invested clients. This way of business effortlessly reached my income goals every month while allowing me to work 20 hours a week or less in my business, take my kids to and from school, pay for childcare when needed, rest, clean my home, make dinner and have a peaceful home for my husband and lets not forget put my false lashes every day and have sex every night without being burnt out and resentful that I worked all these hours and had to do domestic duties.

Did you know 70% of divorces are initiated by women and two of the main reasons why is finances and resentment of support. By learning this savvy and strategic way of business I discovered it is possible for women to have a work/life balance solution that allowed them to feel the feminine financial energy of their value and self-worth while having the time to invest in their family. It gives women a sense of mastery. They have become one of the few of women who has “figured it out”. How to have it all. The time and the money to master your moves in all areas of your life without struggle. Men love a woman who is resourceful. Who can create something out of nothing. He loves a woman even more who can stay in her feminine energy to accomplish this as well. When men say that degrees don’t impress them. It doesn’t mean they don’t love a smart woman. What they want is a woman who can figure it out while causing the least collateral damage. Like raking up student loan debt and not having a career that can pay it off without decreasing the quality of your lives, starting and stopping businesses without making a profitable return and accumulating negative debt.

If you are not married, the best thing you can do now, is figure it out. Figure out what you are great at, what skillsets your possess of value, what are you an expert at. We need more women becoming experts so they can focus on solving expensive problems and fullfulling must have desires so they can get paid on their knowledge and not their time. If you have a business that is homemade or product based, do that after you master an expertise or information, you can monetize so you can have a business with high cash infusions days and have faster wins to build momentum. The four areas that everyone is looking for help are health, wealth, love and self expression.

Find a niche within these markets that you can become an expert, share value and monetize. Women who can make faster, better decisions will always win at the game of life. Don’t be afraid now to invest in experts who are doing what you want to do to save you time and money making mistakes. A smart, feminine woman works smarter than others. She doesn’t try to spend years and her sanity trying to wander around. She is going to pay to get the answers now. She understands the value of her time and the cost of mistakes. If you are married, try to really make smart decisions in the type of businesses you pick, do your numbers. How much do I want to make per month? How many customers can I handle? What would I need to charge to hit my income goal? How big is my audience? Can I sell that many based on my numbers? The more financial mistakes and risks you take with no return the more doubtful you and your spouse will become and more likely he will be more resistful of trying more times and options. To reduce resistance, you need to establish your credibility as someone who can it happen by seeking and investing in support to avoid avoidable mistakes by trial and error (it might cost upfront but it better than the repeatable cost of failure). Be aware of wasted time idling on social media and tasks that are not related to your mastering your yourself, business and family. When our partners see us unfocused they start to think they can’t trust us to make the best decision especially when it gets hard. Try not to start, stop, start, stop, too much. When we start and stop. It gets harder and harder to restart. It is much easier to keep going. When we start and stop, over and over again. We begin to doubt ourselves we can make it happen but everyone around becomes doubtful too which just adds to the pressure and hardship.

How do you get your husband on board for you to be a stay at home wife?

Aside from you showing him how valuable having someone dedicated to the family 100% and establishing a family legacy is, let’s assume that you are one of the many woman who in addition to that, feels more comfortable knowing you will have income coming in. Honestly, another reason men feel resistance to us staying at home is because they are uncomfortable with the burden of being the sole financial provider into today’s rocky economic climate.  That is a fair concern and many women feel the same. We aspire to have the best quality of life and for many feminine women that includes the finer luxuries of life. We don’t want to have to sacrifice our dreams of trips, shopping and experiences just to not work. If you want to get your husband on board and finances are a concern the the easiest thing you can do is a have a business generating income because if you can show that you have the business savviness to make money not working outside the house, it is a no brainer. I believe it is best to pick a business that doesn’t require a lot of monthly, recurring overhead. I would stay away from brick and mortar or businesses that require you to invest heavily in inventory. You need a business that when you do invest in education, coaching, advertising, you have a high return on investment. Meaning that your profit margin is higher versus lower. Leverage what you already know. Try to start a business in an industry you already know so you are wasting time and energy trying to figure out something foreign. Something you can sell. Don’t bounce around from idea to idea. People and partners lose confidence in you when every week it is something new or that you bounce from idea to idea nobody knows what you do or love. You need a business that doesn’t take too much time away from the family. Your husband wants to see you win and be successful but not at the expense of quality of family time and time for him. A lot of women struggle with this when trying to build a business. They start businesses that require 60+ hours a week, on top of having a job, trying to cook and clean and be there for the kids. The get mad at their husbands for not helping and file for divorce, just to have to do it all on their own anyways and then try to date on top of that. Most of times, the husbands weren’t bad men, they are also adjusting to this new world where their gender roles, which many were comfortable with, are being challenged to accommodate women who most of the times aren’t sure what they want. Do they want to work? Do they want to stay home? It is all being defined right now. Learn skillsets that you can leverage not only to build your business but your husband’s and the families. I am very satisfied knowing my husband needs me and I possess skillsets that are making me money but that I can use to help my husband’s business grow while he is at work. He values my talents and knows that I can help make his dreams come true too!

What is a divine feminine business?

There are many different ways to make money so that you can work for yourself and make staying at home a much more attractive and practical solution for your family. However all businesses are not created the same. This is especially true when it comes to a businesses’ business model. A business model is the way that a business is set up to make money. Meaning that the amount of product or services that need to be sold, at what price point, to make revenue, more importantly income. A common mistake many people make when starting a business is not understanding business models and don’t reverse engineer their success. They end of up creating business where they sell low ticket items like clothes, hair, jewelry, make up and require quantity or they have to get a lot of customers/clients to hit their income goal. They underestimate how much effort it takes to sell a lot of something. A divine feminine business is one where you buck the notion of “working hard” and embody “working smart”. You leverage feminine principles of grace, ease, intention, manifestation and who you are being to attract what you want without having to always be in masculine energy of hustle, grind, fast paced, busyness and restlessness. Two feminine business models are passive income, where you sell something on automation and a high income business model. A passive income business  you create the product once and sell if over and over again. It is passive in the sense that you don’t have to invest your one on one with the customer however you do have to maintain your awareness in front of of new customers. A high income business model is where you make high profit margin per customer based on results not time. You will need a skillset that can be packaged at high price point.

What are the benefits of working from home in a divine feminine business?

It allows you to work less and make more. You will have grace and ease in how you operate to make money. You will have time for self care. You can build a business being yourself as fabulous as you want to be. You have to time invest in beauty and inspiration for your life. You can show up bigger for the ones you love. You can have work/life balance without breaking a sweat.

What can women do now to prepare for a Divine Feminine Business?

Set the intention. Become aware. Pay attention.

Assess your skillsets. Take inventory in what you know that others don’t. What are you often called upon to help fix for others? Make a list of all the things you have learned through your education, experience, expertise and passion. Put a value to what you know that others are struggling to figure out. What is it that costing them by not knowing? What do you love to do? How much would you love to make per month. How many customers and clients could you handle. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in all areas of your life….

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