Messaging vs Marketing

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I know we hear and talk about marketing all the time so I know you are familiar with it but messaging is something I feel like isn’t talked about as much and it is in my opinion more important and what you should master first especially if you are in high ticket sales.

So let’s dive in and define messaging.

Messaging is what you are saying to your audience and how you are saying it.

It is you conveying your gifts, your expertise, your results, your life lessons, your viewpoints, who you believe, stand for, who you desire your ideal clients to be and their situation and how you provide solutions to them.

Your goal with messaging is to position yourself as the expert and the solution to their problems.

Messaging is a set of specific statements crafted to establish and reinforce your positioning.

It is really the story your brand is telling the audience.

It’s connecting with their emotions and logic.

There are 4 ways your brand and business communicates to your audience:

  1. Brand Strategy –who you are as a company, what you stand for, what you want to be when you grow up, and how you want to be perceived
  2. Brand Identity – look and feel of your company, including your logo, colors, image library, and general visual style
  3. Messaging Strategy –the general approach to messages that you want your customers and potential buyers to see, hear and love
  4. Marketing/Sales Strategy and Plan – your company’s plan for getting noticed in the marketplace, getting leads, making sales, making customers happy, and growing the business

Messaging is a part of marketing because it’s main purpose is to position and to produce engagements that lead to connections and conversions. For example, conviction marketing is part of messaging.

Conviction marketing means to be strong in convictions to connect soul aligned client with you.

Marketing is the amplification of your message and to promote what is working in the marketplace to increase visibility. 

It is important to have your message solid before you begin marketing because if your message isn’t clear and compelling your marketing will not work as well as intended.

A lot of women don’t invest enough thought and time in mastering their message.

This is more important than mastering your marketing. 

What you are saying and how you say it is what drives people to take action. 

Messaging lowers your costs on ads and marketing.

The better your message the better it converts without hard effort.

The more you master messaging the easier it comes. 

The reason I love messaging is because when you are in high ticket sales it works really well to attract clients and when you have a business model that doesn’t need volume of clients rather quality it important that you tell the message that client will resonate with.

Here are 5 ways to improve your messaging from high ticket sales:


  1. Focus on future pacing. Don’t be consumed with pain and fear based marketing.
  2. Speak from your highest level
  3. Paint the vision, possibilities and results
  4. Share your point a view, your thoughts
  5. Share CTAs and invitations often – usually to book a call or reach out.

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