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Stack 6 Figures (+) in 6 Months (or less)

ATTN: Coaches & Experts

Want to collapse time and generate 6 figures (or more) in 6 months (or less) in a simple way?

In this program, you will have a $10,000 – $20,000 offer, so you only need to enroll 5-10 clients (1:1 or in a group) in 6 months to stack 6 figures of revenue!

I will show you how to package, price, position, promote and profit from 5 figure offers so you have a Simpler Way To Scale!

Click here to enroll. Funding available. DM to apply for funding.

Lucrative Ladyboss 90 Day Accelerator

 The Lucrative Ladyboss 90 Day Accelerator is for women who want to attract and enroll 4-9+ high ticket or platinum clients in the next 90 Days and become eligible for the Lucrative & Leveraged Ladyboss Club.

If your goal is to generate between $30K-$100K+ in the next 90 Days, then this is for you! If that is just the beginning of what you desire to do for the year, then this is for you! Includes 90 minute Intensive and 90 Days of coaching via Voxer (M-F 8am-5pm est). Click here to enroll today!

Instant Income Increase Intensive

Ready for a plan to your fastest path to cash?

Instant Income Increase Intensives are customized 90 minute sessions that show you how to instantly increase your income in the next 30 days by creating a lucrative & leveraged offer that doesn’t require selling a lot of people, complex tech, or it taking a long time to put together and launch.  

These intensives are private 1:1 virtual sessions that reviews and provides strategy in the following areas of your business: brand presence and positioning, business offers and revenue models, messaging/client attraction, social selling and closing clients. All sessions are recorded.

Click here to book an Instant Income Increase Intensive today.


VIP Days are 4 hour virtual or in person (preapproval required) business sessions for women who are looking to receive the mindset, business model and messaging strategies to starting see success now. Perfect for women who are fast action takers and don’t require a lot of hand holding to implement information given to them. 

VIP Days are customized to help you elevate your packaging, pricing, positioning, promotion and profits from your coaching or expertise business. All VIP Days are recorded. 2 follow-up sessions included. Book a call to learn more.

Lucrative & Leveraged Ladyboss Club

The Lucrative & Leveraged Ladyboss Club is a yearlong mastery program for business coaches, experts and transformational leaders who desire a Simpler Way To Scale WITHOUT a huge team, complex tech or it taking a long time.

This program shares with you how to attract and enroll $10K, $20K, $30K, $40K+ clients so you achieve multiple 6 figure years with less than 20 clients for the year! It’s one of the few programs offered specifically for business coaches that not only teaches you a simpler way to scale but also how to create a feminine business by design. Book a call to learn more.