The savviest women I know always buys a plan.

I do, my coach does, my clients do.

Let’s start with me. The first time I purchased a profitable plan.

It was October 2014, and a coach reached out to me, just to find out at the time, I was not a Rich Girl, but a slave girl to my business trying to figure it out.

She told me her investment was $5K, to which I replied, I only have $1,000, what does that buy me and she said, 1 hour! Within that 1 hour she gave me a plan that changed my life and business forever! 💅🏽I went on to make $12,000 in 30 days, paid off the remainder $4,000 and flew to Orlando to have a VIP Day with her and went on to make $178,000 that year. 💃🏽

I remember many times my coach purchased a plan. One time, over $13,000 for a plan that resulted in her generating $300,000 with just 5 clients! 😎

One of my recent clients who invested in a plan from me, closed 3 x $20,000 clients in a month and now we are working long-term together!  👯‍♀️

There is power in a proven plan provided to you, so you can profit right away! 💰

No guesswork, no waiting, no thinking about. 👩🏽‍💻

Just action! 🤩

Are you a  women coach, consultant or expert who is ready to instantly increase your income in the next 30 days with a proven plan to achieve multiple 5 figure months with simplicity, then I invite you to book an Instant Income Increase Intensive. 📈

Instant Income Increase Intensives are customized 90 minute sessions that show you how to instantly increase your income in the next 30 days by creating a lucrative & leveraged offer(s) that DOES NOT REQUIRE selling a lot of people, complex tech, or it taking a long time to put together and launch.  

These intensives are private 1:1 virtual sessions that reviews and provides strategy in the following areas of your business: brand presence and positioning, business offers and revenue models, messaging/client attraction, social selling and closing clients.

To Learn More & Book: Visit 

Rich Girl Business Sessions Available

If you are an aspiring, established or seasoned coach, consultant, or expert who desires to enroll high ticket clients, have a Simpler Way To Scale WITHOUT having to have a huge team, complex tech or it taking a long time; and to create a feminine business by design, click the button below to apply for a complimentary call today!


Lucrative Ladyboss Business Bundle

For High Ticket Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Experts

Includes 40+ page .pdf that you can fill out digitally or print to use.

 5 Ways To Attract New High End Clients ⭐️ Virtual VIP 1-Day Intensive: Sample Outline ⭐️ High End Program Blueprints ⭐️ How to Enroll Clients Into Your Programs ⭐️ Business Offers Blueprint ⭐️ Bold Monthly Money Goal Worksheet ⭐️ Creating Your Signature Offer ⭐️ Discovery Session Application Sample Questions + MORE!

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