Luxury VIP Coaching Experience

For women who want to skip the line, skip the stairs and take the elevator to success now!

It’s Time To Upgrade To Your Next Level Lifestyle & Business!

When you envision your dream life it goes something like this…

You are financially able to save, invest, travel, hire help, buy your dream home, cars and wardrobe with no issue. You have the freedom to take Fridays off, don’t work past 2pm and you don’t work weekends. You are able to shop guilt-free. Travel when you want. Earn large paydays. Rest. Play. Impact others and empower them to do the same. Leave a legacy. Show up for your family. 

You know it is going to take more than just 6 figure years to create the type of business that supports the luxury lifestyle you know you deserve.

And you know that you don’t want to scale having the sell hundreds and thousands of people into low value offers that increases your expenses and oversight.

You know your business is meant to be a HIGH END brand that focuses on long lasting platinum client relationships instead of having to enroll new clients ever 6-12 weeks, 3-6 months.

You want to build a business where you stand out and shine, not just as an expert in your industry, but as an influential leader to your NEXT LEVEL clients. Being popular is cool, you’ll take if it comes as a byproduct but you know being a star to everyone isn’t necessary and that becoming a LEADER to your next level client is far more lucrative than vanity metrics and you want that now! ⁣⁣

You want to create feminine lifestyle business that allows you to generate $250K-$500K+ in the next 12 months working with fewer more committed ideal clients in $10K, $20K, $50K+ platinum programs.

You want a simpler way to scale to millions without complicated strategies and having to carry a large team. 

A lot of women want this life! However, very few will figure it out!


Because a lot of women don’t have the mindset to make it possible for them and know how to embody the woman who can make this happen.

They don’t have the business model that allows the time, finances, mental bandwidth to scale with sanity.

Some of the women who have figured it out, have done so by becoming less of a transformational coach and more of mass marketer, content creator and doing it that way doesn’t light you up.

You want to build a business where your genius and presence in person is more powerful and profitable than spending endless hours creating funnels, membership sites and courses.

Listen, there are many different paths to riches but you value scalability with simplicity and self care in mind.

Introducing a Simpler Way To Scale ™ System &

The Path To Riches Business Model

This high income business model allows you to create a feminine lifestyle business that caters and accommodates a lifestyle that allows women to thrive in their femininity by creating balance and bandwidth so they have the time to excel in all areas of their lives.

We need more women modeling an alternative in life and business to show other women what is possible.

We can no longer take baby steps to success.

Other women need our financial power to create economic change!

And we need to do it in a way that honors our feminine needs of rest, time, creativity and flow so that we don’t burn out, overcomplicate and stress ourselves out in the process.

It is time that we define what working in the modern world for the modern woman looks like.

That having it all isn’t a myth if we don’t try to do so much for so little.

That the key for women is time, money and bandwidth to balance it all.

Now is the time for you to upgrade your mindset, your business model and your messaging to call in your next level clients and life now!

You can always make more money but you can never get back time wasted.

Every moment you ponder, you are missing out on the momentum, memories and money you are meant to have now.

You know decisive decisions is what has gotten you this far and now is not the time to make second guessing on what you want a habit. 

Working with me, I will be able to develop your self mastery with your millionairess mindset, frequency and embodiment, design your feminine lifestyle business where you put your faith, family, femininity and finances first and pave the path to riches for you so you can create a divine lifestyle and legacy for yourself now!

Don’t let business weigh you down.

Ditch the drama, the complicated technology, the funnel fatigue, remove the barriers between you and your next level clients and life.

My clients have reported that when they work with me they realize how hard they were making their business.

That talking to people who needed to be convinced to work with them was creating energy that felt heavy because of how low vibe they were talking.

When they upgraded their offers and messaging they instantly felt a burden removed.

They are excited now talking like the millionairess they were born to be!

Upgrade your mindset, message and money from low vibe to high vibe and watch your lifestyle and business immediately change! 

Virtual Signature Style Session with my personal, professional Image Consultant

Comprehensive Welcome and Onboarding Packet

30 Minute Prep and Planning Call

Brand Photoshoot on Location

5 Star Meals

Car Service to the hotel and back to the airport (Fly in Wednesday)

1 Full VIP Day Intensive with me for strategy (Thursday)

1 Full Day Implementation by yourself to have sacred space to tap into your millionairess frequency and embodiment with unlimited Voxer access to me. This time is so that you carve out time to create captivating content and have focused flow. You will have a guided workbook to take the strategy we created to implementation. (Friday)

Night out on the town (Friday Night)

30 Minute Post Call

30 Day Check-In Call

Not Included:

Travel and Hotel Accommodations

Who This Is For:

Track #1 – Entrepreneurs who want to learn a simpler way to scale to multi-6 figures and beyond from the start and create a feminine lifestyle business.

Track #2 – Entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their mindset, model and marketing to create a feminine lifestyle business and scale with simplicity to multi-6 figures and beyond in the next 12 months.

My Path To Riches Business Model and Simpler Way To Scale ™ System is Only For The Bold & Brave!

This Is Not For Women Who:

Are not confident in their ability to create success

Are not sold on their ability to create their desired results

Looking for a savior instead sovereignty over their life

Feel timid or nervous to connect to begin the conversation of working together

Make business decisions based on price and not value and lifetime transformation

VIP Day Areas of Expansion:

Each Very Impactful Platinum (VIP) Coaching Experience is Customized to Gift the Client with Immediate Shifts To See Success.

Millionairess Mindset, Frequency and Embodiment

Feminine Lifestyle Business Design

The Path To Riches Business Model 

Next Level Market, Message and Marketing

Selling from Feminine Power

Scaling with Success 

Tribe building of fans and followers who convert into dream clients

Optimizing your online presence to position yourself a high ticket coach, consultant

Retention and Renewal of clients for longer impact and consistent high revenue months

Creativity and Clarity to produce programs that are a hell yes for your clients

Confidence on Camera and Media Coaching (by video conference) with my Personal, Professional Nationally Recognized Celebrity Media Coach

Increase your personal self care, enhance your femininity, improve your relationships

Elevate your vibration to be totally aligned to manifest what you want in life now with ease

I will be able to collapse time for you on creating a luxury, high end, lifestyle business that would have taken you years to figure out how to build.

I will help you avoid trendy strategies that overwhelm and burn out most successful entrepreneurs within 5 years of their business and ultimately threaten its survival.

I will show you how to create a lean, leveraged, lucrative business that allows you scale to multi-6 figures and beyond without spending all of your revenue on expensive team, software, social media ads and client care.

I will have my personal Image Stylist develop your signature style so you save time and are always on brand.

I will have my personal Celebrity Media Coach consult you on how to be confident on camera so you captivate your clients with your communication.

I will have a professional photographer capture your personality so you attract attention in the marketplace.

To Upgrade Your Business & Lifestyle You Must Start By Upgrading Your Environment and Experiences!

Pick Your Place To Create Your Platinum Programs and Priceless Path to Riches!

(select from a variety of lux & high vibe locations below)

Think of this as a workcation.. Where you learn the Simpler Way To Scale ™ System and craft your platinum programs and make sure you implement these simple yet strategic upgrades by relaxing in a high vibe luxurious setting.

Clients are able to make their investment back (and over and over again) by selling just ONE (1) of the high-level programs we create during your personalized intensive.

Keep in mind, most coaching and mentorship programs are tax-deductible in most areas.





Payments can be split via multiple fund sources. Pre-payment arrangements and deposits to secure your spot can be arranged. Full investment must be submitted before the experience can begin.

(Personal Image Stylist & Celebrity Media Coach can be requested to join in-person during the VIP experience assuming availability and an additional investment. If not, all consultations with them will be held via video conferencing.)

Next Steps:

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